Let Us Begin

So, what’s this going to be about?  I figure I am already well along in life, with plenty of frequent breather miles, plenty of experiences, and more than sufficient bumps, bruises and scars from road signs and blind spots missed or ignored along with a number of ‘ah-ha’ moments from road signs heeded. And thus, why not share.  Most of these, entertaining enough to make me laugh, might lead to the same reaction with you. Maybe not. But all of them make me think, “if only I’d realized this sooner.”

Everybody seems to start at the beginning (usually boring), or at the end (memoirs after the lights went out or they missed the exit). But we all seem to be basically just either side of the same place, so I thought I’d do something different and start there – in the middle.

My proposal is to make this a commentary of sorts on current issues that pop up in life connected with the challenge of dealing with other people (the alternative situation seems to be well under control).  This all started with “Thoughts on Business Management” (more on this later) but then it quickly became clear that the fundamental things we need to know and do to succeed in business are fundamentally the same things we need to know and do whenever you are dealing with people – family, spouse, kids, groups, career, business. In Life.

Which I think means that “current issues” really means “whatever I come across that strikes my fancy” (My Blog, My Rules). Out of these I think will come some Fundamental Principles that are being applied (or misapplied, or in some cases, completely missed).  I thought it would be worthwhile to include in the blog a separate Library Category of Fundamental Principles (should this be a “bloglet?” or perhaps a “tablet?”)  This should be useful as a quick reminder of what the Principle is and save time and space in the main blog because, if history is useful for anything*, the Principle will show up repeatedly.  It seems that while everyone generally agrees that there are Fundamental Principles, few really know what they are and fewer still apply or use them properly.

The hope is that we’ll remember these particular Fundamental Principles, take them and apply them, and learn to read the road signs with greater understanding and be better prepared for success – in whatever.  In other words, not miss the exit.

To whet the appetite, here’s an example of a Fundamental Principle discovered along the journey:

If you can laugh at yourself, it probably means you are not subject to the Peter Principle yet.

More on the Peter Principle later. But for now,

Let Us Begin.  In the Middle, of course.

*Note: this phrase by itself points to another important Fundamental Principle (again, more later), which makes this entire sentence recursive.  And, since recursiveness is purported to be a characteristic of higher intelligence, thus provides hope for what follows.


About Jim Edmonds

I am a husband, father, mentor, who once was a chemist turned physicist turned marketer turned executive turned missionary turned professor. And survived it all.
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