Random Effects of Blogging

What happens at 4:00 am in the morning once you get the hang of blogging …


About Jim Edmonds

I am a husband, father, mentor, who once was a chemist turned physicist turned marketer turned executive turned missionary turned professor. And survived it all.
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5 Responses to Random Effects of Blogging

  1. Sue-Ellen says:

    Pretty cool … and I live with the surrepticious “aha” moments!


  2. Ray Martin says:

    I’ll have to set my bladder to that time [or an hour earlier in my time zone] to check and see if you’ve posted .anything. If not, I’ll just go to the bathroom.


  3. Ray Martin says:

    The time reported for my post was in ET rather than my CT. Maybe I don’t have to set my bladder an hour earlier. lol


  4. too true – I ‘m still learning how to be an effective blogger without ruining sleep for my wife


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