Builders or Survivors – Games People Play III

This time with Games People Play I’m going to try to create a simple description of the Active mode games people can choose to engage in and give some hint as to how these will affect our lives and the environment around us.

There are two types of behaviors here, Building (of course, played by Builders) where one chooses actively to add value, and its opposite, Surviving (played by Survivors) where one chooses to actively take value where one can get it.  It’s a short 4-minute video; go ahead, why not click now…

This is post three of four, so if you are feeling lost, just look back at the first of the last two posts.  And if you’re still not lost yet, wait until after the end of the fourth post where the remaining two types of behaviors will be introduced.  And don’t get too smug yet and try to pick your ‘best behavior,’ because simple honesty should tell you that we all choose each of the behaviors at one time or another.

By the end of these four posts, I hope we should all be able to identify other’s chosen behaviors before anyone else does, and adapt accordingly for the best outcome.  Which should consequently lead us to be able to recognize our own chosen behaviors and come out ahead by choosing a better one, if necessary, once again before anyone else notices.


About Jim Edmonds

I am a husband, father, mentor, who once was a chemist turned physicist turned marketer turned executive turned missionary turned professor. And survived it all.
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