About Me

Welcome to Road Signs and Blind Spots.

My name is Jim Edmonds and as I mentioned under Purpose, much of what I write about comes from a long list of significant life experiences, virtually all that I would do over again if just for a bit of tweaking here and there.

Both my undergraduate (Harvey Mudd College, 1965) and doctorate (Rice University, 1968) degrees are in Chemistry, followed by two post-doctorals and a stint as a Principal Investigator at a research foundation where I worked with the eventual 1985 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry.   I made a career shift to the petrochemical industry in Research and Development and then management for 10 years before making another huge transition into marketing in the US for a European electronics company.  I eventually became an expatriate as International Sales Manager in Europe for the same division before returning to the US, changing to another division to lead Marketing and eventually to head the division.  When this division was divested, my wife and I went back overseas to Eastern Europe for almost six years to mentor young adults, marrieds and singles.  We returned in 2006 when I became a Professor in both Business and Science, and semi-retired in 2011.  I continue as an adjunct professor, and consult, mentor, write, and attempt to keep my bonsai collection alive.

You can find me here, on Twitter (@drjedmonds), and on LinkedIn.


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